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As Allen continues to grow towards eventual "build-out," Ken believes we must continue to enhance our community with single-family homes, mixed-use living, restaurants, public art, businesses, and office space while avoiding large-density Apartment communities and working with and encouraging small business growth.


Ken believes, "A robust business market means a strong, fiscally sound community. It will allow Allen to keep one of the lowest tax rates in North Texas while adding to Allen's already first-class amenities." 

Ken is looking forward to building Allen's future together with the citizens of Allen.


As a passionate and dedicated candidate for Allen City Council, Ken is committed to putting your needs and concerns first. While the current council member in place 3 has made decisions, Ken would have approached differently; he believes open and honest dialogue between city officials and citizens is vital to creating a thriving and cohesive community.


“With your input and support, I am confident we can work together to build a brighter future for Allen that reflects our shared values and aspirations.”

Infrastructure- Enhancement

As portions of our city grow older, Ken believes we must have a city budget that keeps taxes low while fully funding the needs of the city's various communities. Streets, water and sewer, and other vital infrastructure items must be the priority to keep our city running smoothly. With the passage of the bonds this past November 2023, citizens can be assured that although construction takes time, planning, and execution, the most critical areas will be addressed and completed. As your next council member, Ken is looking forward to working closely with our dedicated City Council, Mayor, and excellent city staff to oversee these projects and work to keep citizens informed of their progress. Ken will also strive to work with Allen CDC and EDC to address the needs of our aging businesses and communities while attracting new businesses and keeping Allen the beautiful first-in-class city it is.

Police/Fire/First Responder

A safe city is of utmost importance. Allen has been one of the safest cities in Texas for a long time. Unfortunately, our community recently had a tragedy that affirms to Ken just how important it is that our Police and Fire departments have the support, training, and equipment they need to serve and protect our great city and its citizens. As your next council member, Ken will always support police, firefighters, and first responders. 

"In my career in healthcare, I have worked as a first responder and alongside other first responders in treating critically ill patients. I know the stress and toll doing that work can take on them. They all deserve our respect and 100% support." 

Parks and Amenities

Allen is a remarkable city that takes pride in its award-winning parks and top-of-the-line amenities. Its park system is constantly improving to make Allen stand out as a premier destination. From The Bark Yard, Allen's first dog park, to the Molson farm trailhead, the skate and water park, and other great parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The city is making progress in upgrading many parks with new shade features and making them more accessible for adults and children with special needs. Ken and his wife, Carol, are charter members of the Stephen G. Terrell Recreation Center, the newest addition to the city's Parks and Recreation dept. The Credit Union of Texas Event Center is a phenomenal amenity for the city, offering diverse entertainment options such as the Allen Americans Hockey team, Dallas Sidekick soccer, concerts, and community events. Ken pledges to work with the City Council, staff, and CDC to maximize the event center's use and help make Allen a contender in world-class entertainment and events. In addition to the impressive park system and event center, Allen offers a variety of retail and restaurant choices for residents and visitors alike. The Village at Allen, Allen Premium Outlets, and Watters Creek Village are just a few examples of the excellent options available. As your next councilman, Ken is excited about the opportunity to play a role in Allen's continued growth and development. The city's downtown steering committee has a vision for a revitalized downtown Allen, and Ken is eager to be part of making that vision a reality. Overall, Allen is an exceptional city with an impressive reputation for its parks and recreation department, entertainment options, and retail and restaurant choices. With Ken's passion for the city, he is confident he can contribute to Allen's growth and development as your next councilman.

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