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Building Allen's Future Together

Ken has been a resident of Allen since 2012. He moved here after meeting his wife, Carol, who has lived in Allen since 1999. Ken has served as a commissioner on Allen's Planning and Zoning Commission for three years. He graduated from the Allen Fairview Leadership Class in 2023, proudly served on the recent Allen bond committees and the vote yes for Allen political action committee. Ken is participating in the Allen ISD Leadership Academy and learning the inner workings of the award-winning school system. Ken is running for city council because he loves Allen. He believes the city's beautiful parks, amenities, and community make Allen a first-class place to live, work and play. Ken believes that every citizen's opinion, cares, and concerns matter and contribute to the city. As a council member, Ken plans to listen to everyone equally. His agenda is simple:

"I will carefully weigh all issues by asking, Is it good for the citizens of Allen? Is it good for the city of Allen? And is it good for Allen's future?"

Ken wants to serve as the next council member to work alongside the citizens, exemplary city staff, volunteers, and the dedicated city council and mayor to ensure that Allen remains the idyllic community everyone loves to call home.

Community involvement

  • City of Allen Planning and Zoning Commission from September 2021 to January 2024, and 2nd Vice Chairman in 2022 and 2023

  • Graduate of Leadership Allen Fairview Class #34 in 2023

  • Allen ISD Leadership Class Graduate 2024

  • Allen Bond Sub Committee in 2023

  • “Vote Yes for Allen” Political Action Committee in 2023

  • Member of Allen Masonic Lodge #1435

  • Not Your Power Couple Podcast

  • Congregant of Church Eleven32 in Allen


Professional Background

Ken has had a successful 25+ year healthcare career as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist. He began at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, training in Pediatric Cardiology and specializing in Interventional Cardiology before transferring to North Texas in 2010. After arriving in Dallas, Ken worked at multiple large hospital systems in the DFW area, continuing his work in interventional cardiology. In 2023, he began as a Clinical Procedural Specialist for an international billion-dollar company leading the healthcare community in treating peripheral vascular disease.

                    A Word From Ken







As a resident of Allen, a member of our community, and a candidate for City Council, nothing is more important than earning your trust and keeping faith with you. I believe in honesty, forthrightness, and clarity, and value straightforwardness in communication as essential to building trust and ensuring accountability. 


Six years ago, I was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. I will not make excuses, but it is right and just that I offer you an explanation: I am a recovering alcoholic. Like many in our community, among them family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow faith members, I struggled with this painful addiction for many years and made a poor decision that caused me embarrassment and my loved ones, pain and worry. Thankfully, there were no more destructive consequences than that: I did not cause harm to anyone, and I give thanks that no enduring damage resulted from this regrettable event.

I must also give thanks for the blessing that this DUI has been for me because it forced me to acknowledge and confront a simple truth finally: I needed help to defeat this enemy, and guidance from others who had walked a similar path, and support from my family, friends, and members of my community. With God's grace, that help was available to me and has allowed me to continue to recover from this insidious and destructive addiction.


To this day, I regularly attend the meetings of an organization of recovering alcoholics, drawing strength and wisdom from fine and courageous people from all walks of life who, like me, are determined never again to fall victim to the demands of addictive substances. I am honored and humbled to walk the narrow path with them, and also grateful to assist others who are beginning, or are at some point along, a similar journey of self-empowerment and self-preservation.

I am glad to have the opportunity to share this with you and to offer my assistance in any way I can to help you if you or a loved one is also contending with this terrible disease. If you need someone to walk with you to a safe environment where you can speak with others who know the pain and the price of addiction, please reach out to me.


If you do not feel safe in your home or if you share it with a family member who is struggling to recognize and engage with their substance-caused illness, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I will begin the long, challenging, necessary walk with you, as others did with me, because that is what concerned friends and neighbors do for one another, and that empathy, compassion, and personal investment make communities like our beloved Allen so dear.


Below are some organizations and resources that can help you if you are struggling similarly. Please seek them out, or if you know someone who could benefit from their knowledge, experience, and insight, please share their information with people you care about:


Thank you for allowing me to pay forward this vital lesson that changed my life, made me a better man, and taught me the value of asking for help. I pray that my experiences may help light the way forward for others and that someone in need may heal and be restored.

I appreciate your time. Be well, and God bless you.



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"Voting is the expression of our committment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world"

-Sharon Salzberg 
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